My Story so far ...

Mixing Energies, Life and Living

Life is a constant mix and flow of Energies and you get to choose your level of Ease.

Hi, my name is Za ...

Here are some insights I have picked up along the way ...

Everything is Energy.

Life and Living are Different.

You always have Choice.

You have a Body and a Being.

These have all contributed to my Target of having more Ease with all aspects of my Life to create a Living that works for me.

Ease is not the same as easy, it's being able to flow with the ups, downs and arounds of Life no matter what shows up.

Ease as a Target

I chose Ease as a Target cause no matter what :

- Life does not stop : marriage, death, winning lotto, taxes or injury, it just keeps going

- Others are also making choices : they may include you but do not consider you

- You cannot control everything : especially others, the weather or cats

- Abundance ; is all around you may just have to change your perspective to find it

- We are aware of energies : ours, others, animals, nature and the Universe

What does more Ease Create

I have noticed that :

- I react less to situations : as there is a longer breath before my response

- Some things I cannot change / Less Energy being spent on things I cannot change : leaving me with more Energy for me

- Things can go left field very quickly : as life happens all around us all the time

- I have more Time : to spend with doing what I enjoy and loved ones

- I am looking at Life with a different perspective : allowing me to Live more in the moment

CHange does not have to take a long time

Sitting under a tree?

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